Argon Laser: Stellar-Pro ML/150

Argon Laser: Stellar-Pro ML/150

With its hard-sealed laser tube and state-of-the-art power supply both combined into a single package, the Stellar-Pro laser offers the smallest footprint available in its class.

The high output power to size ratio, coupled with exceptional performance, makes the Stellar-Pro ideal for many applications.

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Argon Laser: Technical Specifications

Stellar-Pro ML/150  
Wavelength 457.9nm – 514.5nm
Maximum Output Power (Total) 150mW
Beam Mode TEMoo
Beam Diameter 1/e^2 0.65mm
Beam Divergence 0.95mrad
Beam Pointing Stability <30urad
Output Power Drift (after warm-up) < +/- 1%
Beam Amplitude Noise < 1% RMS
Polarization Ratio > 250:1
Warm-up Time 5 Minutes
Line Voltage / Line Frequency 100VAC – 265VAC / 50Hz – 60Hz
Power Consumption < 1500 Watts
Dimensions (LxWxH – inches) 13.0" x 7.6" x 5.1"
Weight (lbs/Kg) 14lbs / 6.4Kg