Laser Controllers

Our laser controllers are designed to provide functional control of the laser systems. They each have unique features such as shutter control and the ability to manipulate laser output power. »View all of our Laser Controllers

Cooling Fans

Our Laser Coolers provide quiet and efficient remote cooling for various laser systems. The remote cooling fan assembly is designed to be used in applications where vibrational fan noise must be eliminated from the laser system. This assembly may also be used in applications which require that the hot laser cooling exhaust air be removed from the vicinity of the laser system

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Safety Eyewear

Safety Eyewear is a must have when using lasers. Within certain laser wavelengths the eye is 100,000 times more vulnerable to injury than the skin.

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Power Supply


Our power supply incorporates state-of-the-art technology to provide quiet and efficient operation. It maintains fixed cathode, rail and fan voltage levels for optimal laser head performance.

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Coupling Adapter

The ST-348 C-Mount Adapter may be mounted to the output end of the laser to allow the user to place C-Mount (1-32 UNC) adapted filters, lenses or attenuators directly into the laser beam path.

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Fiber Delivery Components

Our Fiber Delivery Components help you to align your laser as well as couple a Polarization Maintaining Single Mode Fiber to any Stellar or Aries series laser.

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Power Measurement

Our power sensors and energy meters are priced low and give you extremely accurate readings.

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Safety Interlock Accessories

Our safety interlock accessories help satisfy the external safety interlock. We also offer keys which can be used on any Modu-Laser system.

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Wavelength Select Modules

Our Wavelength Select Modules are filter wheel modules that allows the user to manually select their laser wavelength outputs. The laser output can be configured depending upon the position selected by the user.

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