About Modu-Laser: Ion Laser Manufacturer

In early 2002 the founders of Modu-Laser observed a number of argon ion laser market needs which were not being met by existing ion laser manufactures. Later that year Modu-Laser was established with the desire to satisfy these market needs.

One of Modu-Laser’s initial goals was to provide the ion laser market with quality argon ion lasers in a timely and cost effective manner. Since then Modu-Laser has been leading the industry in laser delivery times with a standard lead time of 2 – 3 weeks.

Another Modu-Laser goal has been to offer customized ion laser solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of OEM manufacturers. Modu-Laser has been very successful in realizing this goal by providing a number of OEM manufacturers with individually customized laser solutions.

Over the years, the range of Modu-Laser products has grown significantly and now includes argon ion laser systems designed to replace several popular competitor models. Modu-Laser will continue to expand the range of ion laser product offerings as new market opportunities arise.

At Modu-Laser, we are committed to satisfying our customer’s diverse ion laser requirements. We will continue offer quality standard and customized argon ion laser systems at very competitive prices with the industry’s best lead times.

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