The Main Uses of Gas Lasers

Modu-Laser prides itself in providing flexible laser solutions.  By offering a wide range of argon lasers, gas lasers and ion lasers, Modu-Laser is able to provide our customers with cutting edge and results oriented solutions.  

We are pleased to offer a variety of laser solutions including our gas lasers. Many people ask us, in particular, about gas lasers and what they can be used for regularly.  Gas lasers have a wide range of uses.  For example, carbon dioxide gas lasers have applications in industry, such as for cutting and welding.   Helium-neon lasers are often used in physics labs and other educational settings and tend to be the least expensive.  The HE-Ne or helium-neon laser can be used to make holograms and ion lasers can be used for CW dye laser pumping.


Offering Customization to Our Customers

Modu-Laser also offers the ability to provide you with customized laser solutions.  The first step in providing you with the customized laser you need is to invest the time to understand your exact requirements and the ultimate outcome you desire.

Modu-Laser has a range of different customized laser options available.  Remote control options, specific cooling needs and more are all options that our company can provide.


Serving a Wide Range of Businesses

In our continuing dedication to providing our clients with flexible laser solutions, we work hand-in-hand with numerous different businesses and entities to provide ongoing laser solutions ranging from gas lasers to ion lasers and more.  Here are a few of the different industries and ways that we service our clients: image recording, research and development, flow cytometry, education, raman spectroscopy, inspection equipment, general scientific applications and more.


Offering the Highest Quality Lasers

Providing the proven and reliable lasers and information is what Modu-Laser does best.  It is no accident that businesses and educational institutions alike turn to Modu-Laser for argon gas lasers, gas lasers, customized lasers and more.  We have a firm dedication to quality at every level.  

At Modu-Laser we are able to provide you with “one-stop” shopping.  In the spirit of providing you with one-stop shopping and a high level of convenience, we also stock high quality accessories and options.  These options range from cooling fans, coupling adapters, power supplies and laser controllers to safety equipment such as safety eyewear and safety interlock accessories and a great deal more.

A key part of providing you with an exceptional outcome is to provide you with the very best of customer service.  Great customer service is the backbone of any business, and it is absolutely critical when providing customers with a high-tech, customizable product.  At Modu-Laser we take great pride in being able to provide our customers with exceptional customer service designed to achieve the best outcomes possible.

If you are looking for a new level of quality and customer support, then turn to our company for assistance.  The Modu-Laser team puts your complete satisfaction at the top of our agenda.  We know that you are using our bright lasers to build a bright future and achieve impressive results.  

Contact us today to learn more about how Modu-Laser can provide you with the gas lasers and laser accessories you need.


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